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SMSF Setup
  2. - You can use this form to setup your Self Managed Super Fund online. - Once submitted we will sent you the setup invoice and advise if any more information is needed.
  3. Fund Name (*)
    Please provide the name of the Fund.
  4. Name of the person establishing the Fund(*)
    Please provide the name of the person establishing the fund.
  5. Address of the person establishing the fund(*)
    Please provide address of the person establishing the fund.
  6. Email(*)
    Contact email?
  7. Phone no. of the person establishing the Fund(*)
    Please provide phone no.
  8. How many members the Fund will have?(*)
    How many members the fund will have?
  9. MEMBERS (Please note: SMSF can have up to four members)
  10. Member 1
  11. Full name(*)
    Please provide full name of Member 1.
  12. Address(*)
  13. Date of birth(*)
    Please provide D.o.b.
  14. Occupation
  15. Tax File Number(*)
  16. Member 2
  17. Full name
  18. Address
  19. Date of birth
  20. Occupation
  21. Tax File Number
  22. Member 3
  23. Full name
    Invalid Input
  24. Address
  25. Date of birth
  26. Occupation
  27. Tax File Number
  28. Member 4
  29. Full name
  30. Address
  31. Date of birth
  32. Occupation
  33. Tax File Number
  34. Who does member(s) wish to appoint as their beneficiary under the death benefit agreement and what percentage?
  35. Will trustee of the Fund be a company or individual?(*)
    Please select type of trustee.
  36. If trustee is going to be a company please provide company's name and ABN or advise if you wish us to set up a corporate trustee.
  37. ABN of corporate trustee
  38. Who will chair the meetings?
  39. Where the meetings of the Fund will be held?
  40. Do you wish Online Tax Agent to be your nominated tax agent of the Fund?(*)
  41. Antispam(*)